C520 Gran Maestria Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Machine C520 Gran Maestria is our #1 recommended product, because it is the absolute, most complete home espresso and coffee system currently available by Nespresso. This Nespresso machine comes with tons of features, looks beautiful, and makes a wonderful cup of joe.

The Gran Maestria Nespresso Machine: Pros And Cons


  • Everything. From the technology to the mechanics, to the ease of use to the final end product and breathtaking taste and Nespresso machine espresso aroma, the Grand Maestria is outstanding and beyond description. It’s a luxury item that really deserves to be on everyone’s kitchen.


  • Only one. It is the priciest Nespresso machine in the market.
The Gran Maestria Nespresso Machine: Detailed Summary


Full espresso making range

  • nespresso shot right nowThe C520 Gran Maestria Nespresso machine is completely automated. It allows the espresso aficionado to choose between 10 different coffee volume settings, from a small Ristretto (a little under an ounce) to a tall Lungo (about 5 ounces).
  • The automatic presets ensure an exact amount of coffee extraction, that allows for making specific types of espressos, according to the user’s desired taste.
  • Whether or not the Gran Maestria Nespresso machine is good or not is not the question. This espresso maker takes the coffee making experience to the next level, and it is almost at the same level as much more expensive professional machines in the four figure range, which are used in multi-chain, big name coffee shops.


  • The Gran Maestria Nespresso machine has a spectacular aluminium body.It is small, and fits nicely in any corner of your counter. It is awe-inspiring, and will definitely catch the eye of guests and fellow coffee lovers. One of the highlights is that it garners the same type of power found in a much larger machine, but is beautifully contained in a tight, compact format and shape.

Aeroccino Milk Frother:

  • The Gran Maestria Nespresso machine comes with an Aeroccino, and can create 4 different types of milk froth: anything from hot creamy, hot dense, hot steamed, or cold creamy, ideal for lattes, cappuccinos, au lattes, and iced coffees, respectively.

Cup Warmer:

  • This has never been seen before with any other Nespresso machine: the revolutionary cup warmer. You will simply place your coffee cup upside down, and the Gran Meastria will bathe it in hot water to ready it up 100 percent for the brewing.

Cup Versatility:

  • Large length span and ability to fold up and down the platform tray in the cup holder area – so that you can either place a tiny and delicate espresso cup or a gigantic tall mug.
Water Tank:
  • Larger than usual water tank: holding up to 1.4 litters (47 ounces).

Find more information about the C520 Gran Maestria Nespresso Machine right here.


Nespresso machine CitiZ D120 is another high performance system which also comes with a milk frother. Let’s see some of the many reasons and features why this particular Nespresso machine caught our eye.

CitiZ D120 Nespresso Machine: Pros And Cons


  • Well above and beyond any other Nespresso machine out there, and an all around beauty. Incredibly tasting, home made espresso, and addictive!


  • This Nespresso machine, just like the rest, is designed to create a “tasting experience” and a moderate serving. It delivers a spectacular cappuccino or latte. However, if you want a large coffee cup to take on the road, this is probably not the machine for you, and you may be happier with a regular coffee maker.
  • The milk frother is particular on the type of milk that it accepts: for example, we tried the 2% milk from Trader Joe’s and it doesn’t accept it. But then we tried the 2% milk from any other regular supermarket, and it does. Something to consider, if you may not want to change the milk you consume.


CitiZ D120 Nespresso Machine: In-Depth Summary


yumm. the best nespresso machines!

Looks and Cleaning:

  • The CitiZ D120 Nespresso machine is beautiful, compact, occupies little counter space, and it is super easy to wash and clean (you pull out trays, rinse, and put back in; and once the container reaches its limit of 11 capsules, you just take it out, dump in the trash, and place back in).

Extraction System:

  • The CitiZ D120 Nespresso machine has industrial power, a high pressure 19 bar pump, that sucks out all of the aroma and flavor of the coffee capsules, and pours it right into your cup. It only takes 20 seconds to complete the entire extraction and pour the coffee.

Milk Aeroccino Frother:

  • This is so you can heat up milk, all in the same Nespresso machine and as a part of the same process. Even though the final result is not exactly the same as you would get with steamed milk (as there is no steaming involved with the frother), the final taste is still, absolutely delicious.
  • To operate, you must follow these steps: pour milk in the frother and power it up. Meanwhile, power up your coffee station. Once your coffe is ready (20 seconds), uncover the frother, add the milk, and stir with a spoon.
  • It takes one minute and makes two different types of foams. One that is thick and whipped, ideal for cappuccinos, and another that contains just a bit of foam and is ideal for Lattes.


  • Like with any Nespresso machine, you’ll need to purchase these separately. They come in dozens of different flavors and strengths.
  • They are 55 cents a piece. However, if you compare the cost of a capsule to the cost of your daily Starbucks . . . well, you do the math. And really, this one tastes much better.

Find out more information about the CitiZ D120 Automatic Single Serve Nespresso Machine right here.

D290 Concept Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machine D290 Concept is our second most favorite home made coffee and espresso system in the market today. This Nespresso machine features great advantages and it is beautiful all around. Let’s see why:

The D290 Concept Nespresso Machine: Pros And Cons



  • What can we say about this Nespresso machine? Absolutely everything . . . is delicious. This system makes one of the best espressos we have ever tried .



  • The price point, it is a bit steep.

The D290 Concept Nespresso Machine: Detailed Summary


nespresso machines - the best Automated:

  • This Nespresso machine may be slightly more expensive, but for a just reason. Not only does it automatically regulate the amount of water poured into the cup to make the perfect espresso, it also automatically gets rid of all used capsules. It even regulates the temperature electronically – in a way, this machine has a mind of its own.


Milk Frother:

  • It has a built-in milk frother, with a hose that you insert into your favorite milk bottle, to then just admire how the Nespresso machine sucks in the milk, heats it up, and foams it right into your cup. Then, you’d just take the cup to the coffee area of the machine, and finalize the preparation.



  • The D290 Concept Nespresso machine is like the Cadillac (or more like the Rolls Royce) of home espresso machines. It is solid and sturdy, it looks fantastic on any counter, and your friends will be begging you for an espresso when they come in to visit.

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CitiZ D110 Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Machine CitiZ D110 is another one of our favorites. Why? This Nespresso machine, just like the other ones we have recommended, this home espresso and coffee system is just a pleasure to deal with, and at a decent price point as well. Let’s find out why.

The CitiZ D110 Nespresso Machine: Pros And Cons


  • This Nespresso machine is solid as they come. It produces creamy, mouth watering espresso, it is simple to use, and occupies no space at all. And . . . you can even order it in white.


  • It does not come with a Nespresso machine Aeroccino milk frother, but you can definitely purchase it separately.

The CitiZ D110 Nespresso Machine: Detailed Summary


best nespresso machine reviews

Adjustable Sizes:

  • It has a fold up platform so that you can fit either a standard coffee cup or larger sizes, ideal for those long winters when you may feel in the mood for a tall glass of a Nespresso machine double shot espresso plus milk plus chocolate topping. Yum.


Fantastically small:

  • Such an amazingly powerful Nespresso machine, occupying such a tiny little space. It is a miniature that will rock your world.


Regulate strength levels:

  • You can adjust the amount of water you want in your espresso. For example, less water for Lattes and more water for an Americano. You can easily replicate making a (and create a much better tasting) tall latte from Starbucks. Do consider though, that the Nespresso machine capsules are way more powerful in their caffeine content than a regular Starbucks. So, if you are going for the double espresso, factor this in.
Automatic presets:
  • The Citi D110 Nespresso machine will automatically create a cappuccino or a lungo. A cappuccino is a regular, single espresso shot whereas a lungo is designed for larger, taller drinks. Or, if you want, you can also create a tall drink by standing by and re-pressing the cappuccino button for a double shot.

Find out more about the CitiZ D110 Nespresso Machine right here.


Nespresso Machine Essenza C100 is yet one more home espresso and coffee maker that has made our top five. It is affordable, neat, and highly efficient. Let’s see a brief video that shows why this Nespresso machine is so dear to us.


Essenza C100 Nespresso Machine: Pros


  • By far, price. If you don’t already own a Nespresso machine and the deciding factor between getting one or not is a mere $50 – $100, then by all means get started with this piece of beauty. Then, when you get hooked, go ahead and upgrade to the bigger ones which have A Few More Features.

Essenza C100 Nespresso Machine: Why We Like It

look at her enjoying her nespresso machine!


  • This is one of the most affordable Nespresso machine in the market today, which still offers an automatic function (it automatically presets the level of water for both the espresso and the lungo shot sizes). This is incredibly important, because the perfect espresso taste can vary depending on the amount of water you decide to pour in, if you were to attempt to regulate this manually.


  • Worth repeating it, the Essenza C100 Nespresso machine is highly affordable, andt has all the elements you require to make the perfect cup of espresso.


  • The Essenza C100 Nespresso machine is tiny and extremely powerful, in addition to boasting a beautiful design. This Nespresso machine has every important fea
  • ture that any of the other more expensive equipments have, and it is a definite must have if you are on a budget but still want your professionally brewed coffee and tasty espresso.

Find out more about the Essenza C100 Automatic Single Serve Nespresso Machine right here.


CitiZ C110 Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machine CitiZ C110 is also within our top six preferred home espresso systems. It’s simple. This Nespresso machine boasts some of the greatest features, also at a great price. Let’s see a brief video on what this equipment has to offer.

The CitiZ C110 Nespresso Machine: Pros And Cons



  • Another spectacular Nespresso machine: a small footprint, incredible design for a home espresso equipment, and an impeccable look. It is fantastically powerful, delivers a spectacular taste, it is super fast brewing, easy to clean (or no need to clean at all), and highly cost efficient.



  • For this Nespresso Machine, like for the rest, here is the negative: having to buy the capsules (55 cents each), noise during brewing, and lack of a wider flavor range.

The CitiZ C110 Nespresso Machine: Detailed Summa

best nespresso machine reviews

The capsules:

  • The Nespresso machine capsules are all sealed to a vacuum, not allowing any air to get in, so they can consistently maintain a perfect atmosphere. This way, the coffee can continue to taste wonderful time and time again.


The CitiZ C110 home espresso machine:

  • Most Nespresso machine users can attest to the fact that this top of the art equipment generally lasts or goes beyond lasting a full decade, or what amounts to approximately 15,000 brewing times, until any type of maintenance is needed. This is to say, you’ll most likely enjoy it for a long while before you have to worry about getting it fixed or getting another one.
  • Every single Nespresso machine in the market, does indeed make noise. The reason it is noisy is because of the giant power exerted by the 19 bar extraction system, which is essential to the making of any beautifully brewed espresso cup. But on a positive note, the noise only lasts for exactly 30 seconds – which is the time it takes to brew a cup.



  • Coffee drinkers who have either visited or lived or are from Italy and France have confidently stated that the coffee quality delivered by the Nespresso machine is equal (or even better!) to that found in those countries.
  • Thick crema, no signs of bitterness and no acidic effect at all.



  • The CitiZ C110 Nespresso machine accommodates various sizes, just by folding up the platform divider. This way, you can use your big, tall mug if you want and pour yourself a double espresso shot.

Find out more about the CitiZ C110 Nespresso Machine right here.